English TV in France

Affordable, friendly, professional service. Within 100 kilometres of Angoulême and Ruffec

Satellite TV and IT Services are installers and repairers of English TV in France. UK TV in France is provided via the FreeSat / Sky services of the Astra2 satellite cluster as in the UK but requires a larger dish to operate properly in France.

More than twenty years experience of successfully providing Satellite TV services & installations, Satellite broadband, TV aerials, Computer repairs in the UK and France.

For satellite TV installation enquires for Sky, Freesat, French TV channels, satellite over networks, multi-room TV or satellite broadband, CALL 05 45 38 09 72 or 06 04 17 72 05 TODAY.

You can also have French TV channels via satellite or TV aerial. TNTSat and FranSat broadcast on Astra 1 -19°E and Atlantic Bird – 5°W respectively. So with a little more equipment you can have French and British TV in France.